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Welcome to the era of Customer Experience

It probably happened without you noticing. It happened slowly, subtly. And all of a sudden, wherever you are, we only talk about it. We have entered the era of Customer Experience (CX).

The Voice of the Customer is clarified

Think about it. Before the Internet, the Voice of the Client was muffled. We had to send letters directly to companies or communicate indirectly through surveys conducted by companies such as Consumer Reports. The revolution and evolution of social media have created new platforms for us, consumers and customers, to share our experiences.

Now, there are even websites that encourage us to complain. In addition, we use Twitter, Facebook, and other connected sites to share our impressions. Several large companies now have services dedicated to social sites, whose function is to respond to and react to any negative comments made about the company.

So, how to manage the virtual image of your company?

It might be better to ask the question, “Are you interested? The brand and the image of the brand are the foundation of marketing. If you manage to consolidate your company’s name by enriching it with a positive impression, you can increase the price of your products and services.

Thus, 86% of people surveyed said they are willing to spend 10 to 15% more for positive customer experience

For the promotion of the brand image through the customer experience, we immediately think of some big companies like Disney, Apple, and Starbucks. How much money did you spend for a family stay at Walt Disney World or the last time you went to the Disney store? And the last time you bought an iPhone, Mac, or iPad? Have you tried to discuss the price? And just think of the amount we are willing to pay for a triple venti nonfat mocha latte ( 60cl cup of triple espresso, with milk and light chocolate).

If you believe in the power of brands and the image they convey and look for ways to improve yours, here are some things to consider:

1. Improve your service

The majority of companies do not even reach a level of service and average customer support. Be attentive and reward your employees for service excellence. We can not avoid problems all the time. It is especially the fact of taking responsibility and the way of managing them that make it possible to improve the service and thus, the customer experience and the image of the brand. Customer service is not limited to after-sales service. It includes everything that precedes the sale and all that succeeds it;

2. Manage your Culture

If you do not manage your business culture, you will end up with a culture that can slow your growth and profitability. The culture is like a garden. And, as in any garden, fertile land is necessary for the growth of healthy plants.

But the plant also needs attention; it must be ensured that it receives the amount of light, water, and nutrients it needs. You must also rid the garden of any insect, weed, and beast to protect the plants that grow there. Ditto for culture. Thus, there is no half-measure: either we neglect it, or we decide to take care of it;

3. Master the “Why”

Many societies are only concerned with how; how to provide their service or manufacture their product. Thus, very few share the company’s with customers. And even when they do, it’s a used slogan taken from an obsolete mission statement. How to pin down your “why” when you do not think you have one? Ask yourself:

  • What is the success of our company?
  • What does our company bring to the people we do business with?
  • What do our customers say about our society and why do they like to turn to us?

Welcome to this new era of Customer Experience. We welcome it with pleasure and backtracking is impossible.

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